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Homage to Cosmic Sun Buddha MahaVairocana

Om Ah Hum

Your divine guardian today is

Have you ever thought about the question... who am I? Who was I before I was born? Who will I be after I die? Read on, and hopefully, MahaVairocana will shed some light for you.

MahaVairocana Buddha or MahaVairochana Buddha, from Sanskrit, means the Great Enlightener Buddha.

Maha means great. Vairocana or Vairochana, from vi ruc, means all-shining. You see, luci comes from ruc, or light. Buddha means Knower, the Enlightened One, or the Awakened One. Therefore, the Great Enlightener Buddha.

It is called Dari Rulai in Chinese, and Dainichi Nyorai in Japanese.

When Subhakarasimha, a Buddhist Master from Nalanda Monastery in Northern India, came to China's Tang Dynasty in 712 A.D., he translated MahaVairocana Buddha as the Great Sun Buddha.

Yes! The Absolute Central Sun. The Great Shining One. The Cosmic Sun Buddha.

MahaVairocana Buddha, in other words, is the Cosmic Buddha of Total Reality, the All-Knowing Timeless Witness, the Cosmic Consciousness, and therefore the Keeper of Buddha Dharma.

Calling on all and every aspirant to re-discover the mystery school of Esoteric Buddhism, the MahaVairocana lineage. And, hopefully, the quest to know yourself will unfold in due time.

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